FLUIDSTECH - SOAP Division 

The FT–CUT range consists of lubricating coolers suitable for all types of applications with reduced environmental impact. The products are distinguished by their high performance, lower tool wear, increased environmental sustainability and lower hazardous raw material content. The lines of FLUIDSTECH lubricant coolers include:

Both in whole and in aqueous solution. Suitable for chip removal and grinding operations of various types and for all types of metal.
Both whole and emulsion products. Suitable for cutting and grinding of various types and for all types of metal.
Emulsifiable products. Suitable for metal cutting and grinding operations of various types and for all types of metal.
Usable products such as for chip removal and plant-based grinding operations.

FT-CUT includes effective, high performance and eco-sustainable products. The field of application covers all sectors of industry and can be used on all materials, ferrous alloys, aluminum alloys, yellow alloys.

"Quality, safety, economy."


Saving of 30% to 50% for the combined action of efficient products, low usage concentrations and their greater durability over time, usually twice as compared to traditional competing products.


SOAP products provide an important clean-up action to washing machines that increases their wearability by optimizing cleaning standards, superior to traditional chemicals


The S-WASH products range also allows the lowering of washing temperatures and consequent energy consumption associated with it.


For SOAP attention to the ecosystem is important. For this reason, S-WASH fluids are not environmentally hazardous because they are natural and biodegradable.
They are not dangerous for storage, handling and manipulation.


Safety is guaranteed by the delicacy of our products to protect the health of the operators involved in their use and handling. SOAP technology is widely used by some of the major mechanics customers..