SOAP is able to compile an economic balance of your plants to compare and compare the results obtained before the test and those obtained after use.
The construction of customized washing systems also requires proper expertise. SOAP employs professionals who can advise on the most suitable system for customer needs and is therefore able to provide proven systems in the construction phase and according to requirements.
The cost of consultancy will be completely discounted when purchasing the system via SOAP. We also offer the product suitable for washing evaluations on existing systems with the test positive payment formula.
If you buy a new system of any type and brand, SOAP offers free test coverage.
In the case of large plants, the formula for the successful completion of the test will be used.




Saving of 30% to 50% for the combined action of efficient products, low usage concentrations and their greater durability over time, usually twice as compared to traditional competing products.


SOAP products provide an important clean-up action to washing machines that increases their wearability by optimizing cleaning standards, superior to traditional chemicals


The S-WASH products range also allows the lowering of washing temperatures and consequent energy consumption associated with it.


For SOAP attention to the ecosystem is important. For this reason, S-WASH fluids are not environmentally hazardous because they are natural and biodegradable.
They are not dangerous for storage, handling and manipulation.


Safety is guaranteed by the delicacy of our products to protect the health of the operators involved in their use and handling. SOAP technology is widely used by some of the major mechanics customers..