SOAP is able to evaluate with you the economic benefit that can be obtained by using our products and to carry out washing tests even at your home, thanks to ULTRASONIC PORTABLE washers.
This facilitates the choice because it makes it possible to evaluate together and immediately the quality of the products we have proposed.
We also have a R&D lab aimed at optimizing our products and providing periodic, post-sales monitoring on the status of our operating fluids.
The monitoring activity prevents the usual problems that may occur by improving the performance characteristic of the products in use.



Saving of 30% to 50% for the combined action of efficient products, low usage concentrations and their greater durability over time, usually twice as compared to traditional competing products.


SOAP products provide an important clean-up action to washing machines that increases their wearability by optimizing cleaning standards, superior to traditional chemicals


The S-WASH products range also allows the lowering of washing temperatures and consequent energy consumption associated with it.


For SOAP attention to the ecosystem is important. For this reason, S-WASH fluids are not environmentally hazardous because they are natural and biodegradable.
They are not dangerous for storage, handling and manipulation.


Safety is guaranteed by the delicacy of our products to protect the health of the operators involved in their use and handling. SOAP technology is widely used by some of the major mechanics customers..